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Our story


"I just got my order from Honey Bunchies and had my first one...WOW!  They are delicious.  Have tried many bars in my time, but none as good as this one."


“I just wanted to let you know  that we LOVE your Honey Bunchies bars!  My 7 year old boys, my husband and I all absolutely love them.   The four of us usually all normally never like the same things!   One of my twin boys is gluten free so we are so happy to have a delicious bar for him to have as well."


“I am passing through Denver airport and just picked up one of your Honey Bunchies bars and it is delicious beyond measure.  I am a Celiac patient and always looking for yummy snacks and this bar is right up my alley."


"I just ordered three cases online.  By the way, am a big fan of your product.  Great for long bike rides."


“My son does not like any of the granola bars, and he never wants to eat breakfast.  Your bars are the only thing he will eat for breakfast and the only... bar he will eat!... I am not a big fan of honey, but I cannot get enough of these bars!”


“My friend Heidi just introduced me to your Honey Bunchies bar and I just want to say THANK YOU!  This is my new favorite snack, workout bar... ever!!”


“I was at Whole Foods in Denver this past Monday when they were sampling this amazing bar. I bought 3 and they literally are the best bar I have had. I will be buying more!!! Thanks for an awesome product!”


“I have recently become obsessed with your honey-based, sunflower-coated TASTY treat called Honey Bunchies.  I tried your bar in a Boulder store over the summer, and I ADORE them.”


“Received my package of Honey Bunchies and I'm having a hard time limiting myself to 1 per day.”