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Earn free boxes of sweet-and-salty Bon Bee Gourmet Honey Bars by making purchases and completing actions.

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Ways to Earn

To get you started, we'll give you your first 100 Bon Bee Rewards points for simply signing up below!

For every dollar you spend when logged into your account, you'll earn 3 Rewards points that never expire.

You can also earn free Bon Bee Rewards points by completing the actions below.

Max Points: 90 Points

Write a Review

After you've made a purchase, share what you loved about your Peanut Pecan or Coconut Almond Gourmet Honey Bars online!

You will earn 30 extra Bon Bee Rewards points for each review.

Leave up to one review per product!

Max Points: Unlimited Points

Refer a Friend

Another great way to get points for sharing your love of Bon Bee is referring a friend!

Check out the "Referrals" tab in the Bon Bee Rewards portal.

Each friend who uses your unique link to purchase will get 5% off and YOU'LL get 100 bonus points!

Talk about a win-win!

Max Points: 90 Points

Share on Social Media

Bees (like us) are social creatues, and we're always buzzing on social media!

Follow us on Instagram, share us on Facebook, and tweet us on Twitter.

Be sure to go through your Bon Bee Rewards portal and you'll get 30 points for each!

Max Points: 100 Points

Enter Your Birthday

We value each customer like they're part of our own family.

That's why when it's time for your birthday, we want to treat you!

Enter your birthday into your rewards portal for a special bday surprise.

We'll even gift you 100 bonus points for simply entering it!

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