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We tried both flavors & loved them both. Will definitely be reordering!

Delicious Product!!

I saw Honey Bunchies on Shark Tank and was immediately intrigued and wanted to try one. I couldn't find them locally so ordered a "combo" of the Coconut Almond and Peanut Pecan directly from their website. WOW! They are delicious with a nice balance of sweet yummy honey and nuts! I am sharing them (just some of them) with my friends!! This small family business has a terrific product!

Super Snack

They're Great! And while not GF myself, I've given 1 to each GFer I know and now they're on the hunt. Thx! Miguel (USAF) Marshall

Heaven Bars.....

We love both bars but the Peanut Pecan is by far my favorite! I have a bar before the gym for a little pick-me-up or on the go when I am out. So delicious! If you are a lover of will absolutely love these bars!

Addicting Bars.....

We found the bars on Shark Tank and gave them a try and cannot get enough! So delicious and hits the spot. So happy we came across these yummy bars!

My new favorite

I saw this on Shark Tank and had to try it even though it’s a little more expensive than I would like. I’m so glad that I did. I’m going to order more soon.


WOW! The moment I saw the Shark Tank episode I knew I was going to order these. Loved the entire company story. The product stands on it's own, full of flavor and the perfect size for a morning/noon/ night snack! My husband said these are dangerously good! We ordered a box of each and will order more soon.


I love these bars. So great to enjoy something with natural ingredients and taste amazing!

John H (Tenneessee)

Shark Tank Special

Amazing company, delicious product. I discovered them on Shark Tank. After hearing their story and product ingredients, I had to try. Very pleased with my purchase and ease of order experience.

The best.

Yum! These are so delicious. I purchased both flavors and they are both fantastic.

Best bar ever!

My family and I absolutely love these bars! The nuts paired with the honey are perfect. Such a great natural snack that also curbs sugar cravings. Great product and great service. Customer for life!

Best sweet bar ever

I have tried a lot of “healthy keto bars” and while this does have sugar, it is absolutely the healthiest, delicious bar I have ever tasted. Remember its pure honey and lower than sugar on the GI Index. You wont be disappointed.

Absolutely delicious!

These bars are delicious! I love the sweet/salty taste and the creaminess of the honey makes the bar! So glad I ordered these after seeing Shark Tank! Will definitely buy again.


Tasty bars would recommend to everyone.

We love them

After seeing on shark tank. Thought we would give a try. We love them and are reordering


But the cost is too high.

Thank you for sharing your feedback, Lou! Our bars are handmade from scratch using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. That's why they taste so darn good! While our bars may cost a bit more than some others on the market, we can guarantee the taste and quality of our products are never compromised! :)

So Delicious!

We are thrilled with our order. Would love to be regular customers, but price will slow our purchases. WORTH EVERY PENNY, but we’re retired on a tight budget! BIG FANS OF HONEY BUNCHIES! Best Wishes!

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My wife and I are both in love with this product! It is so delicious. There isn’t one thing we would change. Whenever my niece and nephew come over, we hide the bars because we know they’d devour them all!

Best Snack and Pick up

Best for energy and a snack. Delicious honey. Best ever healthy snack


The bars were delicious, nutritious and gave me a bit of energy to get me through my day!

Thank you Rose! So glad to hear you enjoyed our bars! All that honey does give a bit of an energy lift!


These bars are so good! My new favorite snack!

Thank you Christine! Your Review is so appreciated and we are glad you have a new favorite snack!

Bon Bee Gourmet Coconut Almond Honey Bars

I liked the Coconut Almond and the Peanut Pecan but my Lady preferred the Peanut Pecan so I guess my next order will be one of each so I don't have to share (smile).

Thank you for your wonderful review MusicMan! Good solution as it is not always easy to share our Bon Bee bars!

The best bars

I love the taste of these bars. They are perfect size and type of snack for longer bike training rides and runs. I will order again!

These are really good.

I saw them on Shark Tank and wanted to try them. They are so good!!


I love these bars. So fresh and yummy tasting. Quality ingredients.