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Based on 402 reviews
So very GOOD!!!

I love Honey Bunchies, they are so delicious. You can never go wrong with this product.

Mahalo Honey Bunchies!

We have loved Honey Bunchies ever since we were introduced to them by our friend who is a dietician. We moved to Hawaii a couple years ago making it a little harder to get Honey Bunchies, but luckily they still ship to the island! Such a yummy, easy snack!

Excellent product.

Really hits the spot around 4pm to hold you until dinner.


I love Honey Bunchies , I sure wish we had them here !!!!!!!!!

First time purchase

Love your bars. So very different from others that are available. I would enjoy them when I visited my daughter in Denver. Thrilled to be able to order online.

Good for everyone

My wife is gluten-free, and my children are picky. This might be the only food in my house that my entire family can all eat and all enjoy eating. I keep some on hand for road trips, hikes, after school snacks, anytime.

Grateful Customer

I’ve purchased and promoted Honeybunchies peanut/ sunflower honey bars to many people,…Because, well- they’re JUST Delicious!
Although my tastebuds love them, my gut has problems with Peanuts.
***You might imagine just how HaPpY I was to find out about Honeybunchies new bars that are honey, ALMOND, and sunflower seeds!! WoW!
I’ve been so completely content with these new bars (that work well with my allergies), that I bought several boxes for other people I know with the same kind of gut issues. They, also, are delighted with this terrific, new option. Yum Yum!
Nice Job Honeybunchies Family!!

Highly recommend...

Great tasting products... Excellent service and shipping.

Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bar, Peanut Pecan
Vicki P. (North Richland Hills, US)
Great healthy, good tasting energy snack!

I carry one around in my purse for times when I forget to eat! So much better tasting than any energy bar I have ever found! Truly, you can "feel" the honey surge! What a great bar!

Tasty Tasty Tasty

These are so good!

Our Family Loved Our First Order

These are disappearing quickly. We may be leaning slightly towards the Coconut Almond flavor, however, they are both excellent. Very fresh and well packaged.


Honey Bumchies are a quality product company. They should get a +BBB rating.
They make every effort to establish a good relationship with their customers. I’m very pleased with the coconut/ almond bar! My peanut allergy “Thanks You!”
-M. Sharp (Oregon)

Really Good!

I use these while biking. They are terrific!

Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bar, Coconut Almond
Christine K. (San Francisco, US)
Honey Bunches

I'm obsessed! These are so good, I find myself hiding them from my family so they don't eat them all! I love to eat them in the morning or after a hard workout, they give me natural, sustainable energy. Which is a bonus, because the real reason I eat them is because they are absolutely delicious!

Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bar, Peanut Pecan

I Keep Falling in Love Again and Again with Honey Bunchies!

Every time I eat a Honey Bunchie, I remember all over again, oh yeah! These bars are AMAZING! Sometimes this revelation is twice in a day! Honey Bunchies are crazy good, simply the best on the market if you're looking for a healthy protein snack for quick energy that tastes like a scrumptious candy bar. Yes, please! I'll have another! I'm planning on bringing a couple with me on the airplane when I fly across the country. I'll sneak them in up the mask.


HUGE fan of the peanut pecan Honey Bunchies, it's always a delight to find them at the local Sprouts or Whole Foods, but when i can't having a case of them handy at home is the way to go for a delicious pick me up!

Really energizing snack.

Andrew & I (Mary Grace) love these both flavors are wonderful. We both had worked at grocers that carried Honey Bunchies, so we decided to skip the middle man, and buy direct as we are from Englewood.

Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bar, Variety Pack
Samantha M. (Battle Creek, US)

Five stars

Tasty snack and quick shipping

Bought two packages for ourselves and two for gifts. Arrived quickly and know the gift recipients will enjoy.

Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bar, Variety Pack
Gary K. (Colorado Springs, US)
so sweet

We love these bars. A great picker upper after noon in the classroom. My wife works with severe needs scholars in a Middle School, so you can just Imagine the need for some stress reduction, en-so-eh?

Honey Bunchies Order

Shipped quickly.
Well packed.
Good value with discount, thank you.

Best energy bar I have ever tasted!

This energy bar is as simple as it is complex. It is the perfect balance of honey, salt and nuts which delivers a most enjoyable yet healthy gustatory experience. Between the honey and nuts, it delivers a nice energy boost when I’m on the run and makes a great dessert after a meal. It’s a delicious treat I never feel guilty about eating.

Great all natural snack bar

Great quality, favor and I love that it is a regional product for me living in Western KS.

My local food store granted my wish for Honey Bunchies

I got my local store to carry Honey Bunchies because they are so delicious and nutritious !