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Based on 420 reviews

Excellent and delicious!

A Colorado treat

My wife picked up one of these bars at the Broadmoor and we shared it on the way home. I said, we need more of these! So I got on the internet and ordered a box of them. A great treat!

A Honey day!

Honey Bunches are the best for taste and providing a pick-up.

Just bee-autiful!

I love this company. If I had the wherewithal I would purchase much more. The quality is top notch and in our case a truly healthy snack to get a six-year-old rejuvenated, and his grandparents.

Customer service is always excellent, and the quality is impeccable. I have the privilege of meeting the founders daughter and saw the effort put in to put out a really good product. Thank you

Totally Delicious!!

The Peanut Pecan bars are soooo delicious! I opened the first bar, took a few bites and put it away immediately. I didn’t want to eat the whole bar in one day. Well, that didn’t work. I kept taking small bites….Finally, I ate the last piece. It was totally delicious! Yes, I recommend this product!

Fresh, healthy and delicious

Highly recommend these Colorado made fresh, healthy and delicious bars!

Best Pickup

Honey-Peanut my favorite.


I couldn't wait to try these bars when I got them. I wasn't even hungry but I just had to try them! Amazing! The right amount of chewy...the right amount of gained another faithful follower on these! I think my family will all be receiving these in their stockings this year!

Tasty and healthy

I love these bars as breakfast or a snack.

I bought the honey and almonds at a botanical garden last month and loved it. Looked up where to find them and bought 4 boxes! They are delicious!!! Thank you! Even better, they are gluten free!

This stuff is more addictive than heroin

I love it.

Pennsylvania Beekeeper review

Bought a box of these at La Bee Da Loca in Culpeper, Va., on our way to Nags Head, N.C. Never saw or heard of these before. Looked at the ingredients and thought, "Who would not eat these." Ordered 2 ea for home. Great taste, high quality products. One is gluten free and the other is gluten and dairy free. Love to stop in and visit if we get back to Colorado.AWESOME. Love to stop and visit if we get back to Colorado. Won't ever run out.

Great product!


These bars are amazing. I just ordered my 3rd box within a month. Product is well packaged and arrived in a timely manner. Don't stop making these delicious bars!


I am SOOOOO happy that we discovered these!! I have a very sensitive stomach, and these are my go to snack every single day, and they actually settle my stomach, give me energy and satisfies my cravings. Love that they only use simple ingredients as well!! My whole family loves these, and we order them and re-order, they eaten up so quickly!! Thank you for these, we will be back again and again for more!

Cycling boost!

When I’m out on long rides, especially with a lot of climbing, I make sure to take a Honey Bunchies bar (Coconut Almond’s my favorite) or two to give me that extra bit of energy to complete the ride, and tastes delicious too!

Soo good you can’t eat just one


I have loved your product since a friend gave me on a bicycle ride while in Denver.

Do you have a sponsorship program for event promoters?

@aztec_adventures on IG 970.759.2126

So very GOOD!!!

I love Honey Bunchies, they are so delicious. You can never go wrong with this product.

Mahalo Honey Bunchies!

We have loved Honey Bunchies ever since we were introduced to them by our friend who is a dietician. We moved to Hawaii a couple years ago making it a little harder to get Honey Bunchies, but luckily they still ship to the island! Such a yummy, easy snack!

Excellent product.

Really hits the spot around 4pm to hold you until dinner.


I love Honey Bunchies , I sure wish we had them here !!!!!!!!!

First time purchase

Love your bars. So very different from others that are available. I would enjoy them when I visited my daughter in Denver. Thrilled to be able to order online.

Good for everyone

My wife is gluten-free, and my children are picky. This might be the only food in my house that my entire family can all eat and all enjoy eating. I keep some on hand for road trips, hikes, after school snacks, anytime.

Grateful Customer

I’ve purchased and promoted Honeybunchies peanut/ sunflower honey bars to many people,…Because, well- they’re JUST Delicious!
Although my tastebuds love them, my gut has problems with Peanuts.
***You might imagine just how HaPpY I was to find out about Honeybunchies new bars that are honey, ALMOND, and sunflower seeds!! WoW!
I’ve been so completely content with these new bars (that work well with my allergies), that I bought several boxes for other people I know with the same kind of gut issues. They, also, are delighted with this terrific, new option. Yum Yum!
Nice Job Honeybunchies Family!!