• I'd love to share the story of Honey Bunchies with you. It's one of innovation, determination, hard-work, and bringing it all together with family...

The Case of the Missing Recipe

A few years ago (2010 to be exact), my dad was attempting to recreate a recipe my mom made for him 35 years ago.  Unfortunately, neither my mom nor my dad actually had the original recipe.  On a mission to enjoy this amazing snack from the past, Dad spent a solid 3 months toiling in his kitchen, literally counting peanuts, and logging every variation into his journal.  When all was said and done, he never quite figured out Mom's recipe, but he accidentally created Honey Bunchies!

Family To The Core

He named his new creation after his nickname for my mom who he calls, "Honey Bunchie."  Then using a drawing of my family that I made when I was only 4 years old, my dad created our signature bees.  (Try to imagine our bee images without the wings and antenna...and there you have it...my family through the eyes of a 4 year old!)

The founders of Bon Bee Honey, Edward and Jennifer Payne


My dad, being the determined man that he is, started Honey Bunchies completely on his own.  He made the bars, created the packaging, managed the books, knocked on every door with a cash register to see if they would like to sell Honey Bunchies.  Every little detail was squarely on my dad's shoulders.  Being an ex-fighter pilot in the Air Force, my dad is extremely driven!

The family behind Bon Bee Honey in Longmont Colorado

All Hands On Deck

As word started to spread about this delicious little bar, our loyal following emerged...and grew...and grew!  My brother returned home from active duty to help manage production.  I soon joined in once I could see straight after having twins.  Mom, who has always been there for my dad, jumped in 110%.  Even my uncle came on board (my cousin's, wife's stepdad...but who's keeping track!).  Working around the clock, we still have meetings around my parents kitchen table.  The beauty of all of this is that no matter what new adventures we face, or obstacles we must surpass, we still love each other at the end of each day.

Rapid Growth & Change

Since getting the entire family on board, we've grown our small business and changed with the times. Back in 2020 we gave our packaging a facelift. In 2021 we introduced our second flavor, Coconut Almond! Most recently, our family decided that our Gourmet Honey Bars could use a name that will grow along with them. That's why in April 2023 we became Bon Bee Honey! Don't worry though, we're still using the same original recipe that Dad whipped up in the kitchen many years ago!

From all of us here at Honey Bunchies, we hope you enjoy our bars and we thank you for making all of this possible!

We are a 50% veteran owned, 50% woman owned family business. 

Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bars are handmade in Longmont, Colorado.